We are running a temporary timetable for the foreseeable due to the Coronavirus situation, with strict limits on class numbers to adhere to the safety guidelines.

All existing members are in the process of being allocated to a new group, the timetable for which can be found on the classes page


Ballroom & Latin Group A - Tues 5pm - Anna, Roisin, Maia, Harry, Charlotte (2 places left)

Ballroom & Latin Group B - Tues 6pm - Lily, Phoebe, Isla, Bella, Jess, Annabella, Olivia, Chloe, Emily, Neve, Heidi (1 place left)

Ballroom & Latin Group C - Tues 6pm - Clara, Rosie, Ella, Alicia (1 place left)


Couples must be same household or bubble only!

Ballroom & Latin Group 1 – Solo Group 1 - Mon 8pm – Nicola, Stewart, Peter G, Joanne C, Michael W,  Michelle, Lynda, Paula, Lesley, Jenny R  - 2 spaces available

Ballroom & Latin Group 2 – Couples Group - Mon 9pm – Mike & Maria B, Nathan P & Ellie P, Naaman & Katy - 4 spaces available (two couples)

Ballroom & Latin Group 3 – Solo Group 2 - Tues 8pm – Martin B, Cath Halliday, Bernard, Mary, Andy, Jean, Kath Leach, Pauline, Kath Sims - 3 spaces available

Ballroom & Latin Group 4 – Couples Group - Tues 9pm – Paul & Maureen S, Bill & Maureen U, David & Ann B, Andy & Ann S, Tony & Lisa T - 2 places available (one couple)

Ballroom & Latin Group 5 - Technique Class - Weds 8pm - FULL

Ballroom & Latin Group 6 – Couples Group - Weds 9pm – Paul & Sara B, Neil & Wendy H, Brian & Jenny H, Martin & Fran S, Duncan & Ivetta W - 2 spaces available (one couple)

Ballroom & Latin Group 7 – Couples Group - Thurs 8pm – Rita, Eric & Sharon, Lindsey & Angela, Nigel & Victoria, Mark & Phillipa, Christine & Claire - FULL

Ballroom & Latin Group 8 – Couples Group - Thurs 9pm - Alan & Barbara H, Nigel R & Kathryn W, Brian & Marian C, Belinda K, Carol S, Colin D, Becki S - FULL

Groups 5 and 8 will start week commencing 10th August 2020

Groups 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 7 will start week commencing 17th August 2020

Due to limited numbers and a dramatically restricted capacity due to Covid restrictions, all adult classes will be payable monthly, in the first week of each calendar month.

This month will be pro-rata'd to the start date of your class in August, the class will be £31 per calendar month each month therreafter, payable in the first week of each month.

This is based on a price of £8.50pw for 44 weeks of the year, the remaining 6 weeks that we are open are FREE, plus we close for 2 weeks at Christmas


* to wait outside until your teacher invites you into the building.  We cannot have two classes in the building at the same time

* bring your barcode to sign in and out - check your emails, if you haven't received it, please call us on 01942882718 to sort it out prior to you attending class.

* if you, or anyone you have been in contact with is or becomes ill with Covid-19 symptoms, you much not attend class until you have either isolated for 14 days, or have been cleared by NHS test and trace.  You must also let us know of any potential infections so that we can carry out our track and trace procedures.

* if you are not attending class for any reason, please could you let us know.  Keep us informed!!


Social Media

Here are the Social Media groups, you will need to search for them on Facebook and ask to join the group:

All kids Ballroom & Latin Classes - search for '180 Kids Ballroom & Latin'

All adult Ballroom & Latin Classes & Private Lessons - search for '180 Adult Ballroom & Latin'

All Freestyle Competitors - search for '180 Competitors Group'

All Gymnastics & Acro Classes - search for '180 gymnastics & Acro'

All Streetdance & Contemporary Classes - search for '180 Streetdance & Contemporary'

Due to the current Covid-19 situation, we are running on a temporary timetable for the foreseeable future...



4.30pm-4.55pm         Gym Tots                                       Ages 2-5yrs      

5.00pm-5.50pm         Gymnastics                                   Ages 6+yrs       

6.00pm-6.50pm         Acro                                               Ages 6+yrs      


6.00pm-6.50pm         Ballroom & Latin - Inter/Adv     Ages 10+yrs      

6.00pm-6.50pm         Ballroom & Latin - Beginners   Ages 5-10yrs    


4.30pm-4.55pm        Disney Dancers                             Ages 2-4 yrs    

5.00pm-5.50pm        Diddy Streetdance                       Ages 4-6yrs    

6.00pm-6.50pm        Mini Streetdance                          Ages 6-8yrs     


5.00pm-5.50pm        Freestyle Group 1                                           

6.00pm-6.50pm        Freestyle Group 2                  


10.00am-10.50am    Freestyle Group 3                   

11.00pm-11.50am    Freestyle Group 4                  

PARENTS - please make sure you are waiting outside at the finish time of your class to collect your child.  Thanks you.


Monday Evenings      

8.00pm-8.50pm       Beginners Ballroom & Latin - 8 Wk Course                               Commencing 5th Oct - book online

9.00pm-9.50pm       Easy Sequence - 6 Week Course                                                 Commencing 28th Sept - book online

                                      (Sequence course covering - Rumba 1, Square Tango, Mayfair Qstep, Breakaway Blues, plus others)

Tuesday Evenings

8.00pm-8.50pm       Latin Line Solo Dance                                  Main Ballroom        Places available - book online

9.00pm-9.50pm       Ballroom & Latin - Advanced                      Main Ballroom        Places available - book online

Wednesday Evenings

7.00pm-7.50pm       Ladies Burlesque                                          Studio 1                    FULL - Register your interest

8.00pm-8.50pm       Ballroom & Latin - Further Beginners       Main Ballroom         Places available - book online

8.00pm-8.50pm       Adult Streetdance                                         Studio 1                    FULL - Register your interest

9.00pm-9.50pm       Ballroom Technique                                     Studio 1                    FULL - Register your interest

9.00pm-9.50pm       Ballroom & Latin - Intermediate                Main Ballroom         Places available - book online

Thursday Evenings

8.00pm-8.50pm       Ballroom & Latin - Further Beginners       Main Ballroom         FULL - Register your interest

9.00pm-9.50pm       Ballroom & Latin - Advanced                      Main Ballroom         FULL - Register your interest


Open to book to all current members and new members on a weekly basis:

Monday:           10.30am          Pilates (pay online) 

                           7.00pm            HIIT Workout 

Tuesday:           7.00pm            Fitsteps                                

Wednesday:     10.30am          Zumba Gold (suitable for O50's)

                           7.00pm            Zumba

Thursday:         10.30am          Zumba Gold (suitable for O50's)

                           7.00pm            90's Dancercise

Click here to book on any of the above classes


We look forward to inviting new members to join 180 from September/October 2020.

Watch this space...


Now available in all styles of dance.  Call 01942 882718 or email 180danceclub@googlemail.com to book

Donating to 180 for online classes...

We have been asked by many of our members how they can pay something towards making use of the online content that we are providing. 


Whilst we are providing the online classes and exercises for free during the closure period for Coronavirus, if you would like to make a donation to the 180 Dance & Fitness Centre, it would be gratefully received.

To make a donation, please use the donation button below.

We would like to say a massive thank you to you all for continuing to support us throughout this difficult time.  We cannot wait to get back to teaching at the studio and see you all again!!  

In the meantime, keep up the exercise and practice, watch the Facebook pages for challenges, routines and exercises over the coming weeks.

Many thanks and take care,

All of us at 180!!


Fitness Videos

Hi everyone,

We hope you are well and not going too stir crazy at home during this period of social isolation!!  We took the opportunity once we sensed that 'lockdown' was approaching to film a few video clips of our fitness classes to help keep you going until we are safely able to get back in the studio.  Please bear with us, teaching to an empty room with a camera staring you in the face is a lot more intimidating than a room full of people, strangely enough!!  

Before you start, please make sure you create a suitable space to dance in, clear everything out of the way and make sure you are wearing appropriate clothing and footwear, drink plenty of fluids and most of all don't forget to breathe!!

There are several videos to choose from, but please make sure you complete the cool down video when you have finished!!

Enjoy! x

35 minutes


90's Dancercise

25 minutes


5 minutes

Cool Down

5 minutes

DISCLAIMER - All exercise is undertaken at your own risk.  Please make sure you are fit, able and have a suitable space to work with.


Medal Test Date

Saturday 16th May 2020 - POSTPONED due to Coronavirus

Medal Test Timetable

Click Here to see the Timetable - Not available at the moment

Dress Code

For all tests you must be smartly presented, with appropriate footwear (where applicable), clothing and hairstyles.  See below for details.

Ballroom & Latin American Tests

Rosettes, Stardance and Social Dance Awards - Smart dress or shirt and trousers, with suitable shoes - no trainers or jeans, etc.  Dance shoes desirable but not essential at this grade.

One Dance Awards & Higher - Girls - black practicewear or competition style dress, dance shoes and ankle socks (socks U12s only).  Hair must be in a bun or similar style off the face.  Ponytails are unsuitable.

Boys -  shirt, tie and trousers, and dance shoes.  Hair groomed and off the face.

Adults - smart dress for ladies with dance shoes, shirt, tie and trousers with dance shoes for the men.  

Streetdance & Freestyle Tests

All tests - black leggings and t-shirts/vests, sportswear (i.e.joggers), or 180 uniform.  Footwear - trainers or bare feet - your teacher will instruct you on your footwear.  Hair should be groomed and tidy, long hair should be off the face and secured in a bun or ponytail.

Competitors should wear competition outfits.


Date to be arranged - postponed due to Coronavirus

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Where do we go on the day:

Please make note of the notice on the front door to see where the Waiting Room for your test will be.  You will either be asked to wait in Studio 1 (entering via the front door) or Studio 3 (entering via the side door on Johnson Street South).  Please wait in the waiting room until you are called.  You should not enter the examination room without permission.

2.  How early should we arrive:

Please only arrive no more than 10 minutes early.  If you arrive very early, the waiting room will become very full and more difficult to manage.

3.  I am poorly on the day of the test, what should I do:

Please call us on 01942 882718 as soon as possible so that we can request that the examiner carry your test forward to the next examination session.   If you do not let us know in advance of your test time, your test will not be carried forward and your examination fee will be lost.

4.  Can we watch our children dance:

Medal Tests - If they are happy for you to watch, then you are welcome in the examination room.  You may film your own child only, as long as no one else in the room at the time objects.  You must not film the examiner and the films should not be put on Social Media.

Grade Examinations - these tests are conducted in a closed room situation, so no spectators are allowed.

We must insist on quiet from all spectators with the exception of clapping at the conclusion of the dance being performed.  You must remain seated at all times during the test, even if your child isn't dancing. Phones MUST be on silent and remain unanswered.  

5.  Where do we sit in the examination room:

Please sit on the far side of the room to the examiner, or on the stage.  Anyone wanting to film their child, must do so from the far right corner.  Please ask if you are unsure where that is.

If you have any further questions, please speak to your teacher on class.

Good luck everyone!!


This is a great place to tell people more about your business, and the services you offer. Want to make this content your own? It’s easy.


This is a great place to tell people more about your business.


This is a great place to tell people more about your business, and the services you offer. Want to make this content your own? It’s easy. Just add your images, text and links to this preset, or connect to data from your collection.


This is a great place to tell people more about your business, and the services you offer. Want to make this content your own? It’s easy.